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Kinesis are specialists in the supply and support of Chromatography Consumables. They are committed to offering you a fast efficient service that we believe separates Kinesis from the competition.


The ability to work directly with leading manufacturers enables Kinesis to offer very competitive pricing while ensuring that you, the customer, never have to compromise on quality, support or service.

Diba Connection Systems & Omnifit Labware  

Diba Industries’ focus is fluid handling. Utilizing over 25 years of fluid handling knowledge and experience, Diba delivers over 2 million fluidic assemblies and products each year.

Diba is the only company that provides solutions over an entire system’s fluid path. The company understands the complexities of fluid movement and how to design solutions that optimize wash characteristics, minimize carry-over and increase system throughput.

Working closely with our customers and suppliers, Diba utilizes proprietary technologies and industry proven components to design, manufacture, and deliver optimal fluid path assemblies and products for each application.

Brands include Omnifit® Labware and Dibafit™ Fittings.

columns feature a trademark simple design, enabling high visibility and ease of use. They are offered in a range of sizes to cover the gamut of preparatory applications. In addition, some OmniSep media are offered in 1ml and 5 ml polypropylene columns for use as low cost “scouts.”

Multipurpose, precision glass and PTFE columns for low and mid-pressure liquid chromatography applications. Omnifit Labware empty columns are designed to meet the demands of lab scale chromatography.  

  • User-friendly and robust columns ideal for liquid chromatography at low to medium pressure.
  • Adjustable endpiece (plunger) designed to ensure homogeneous buffer distribution and reproducible packing.
  • Adjusting mechanism that enables fine adjustment of the endpiece in situ with minimal disturbance to the packed bed.
  • Fittings for direct connection to automated chromatography systems or bench rigs.
Each column is supplied assembled and ready for use, with all the tubing, fittings and connections needed to get started. Optional adjustable endpieces offer quick and easy height adjustment. A range of frits with pore sizes down to 10µm is supplied with each column to support beds packed from the finest grade media.


Kinesis – Tier 1 Distributor for IDEX Health & Science

IDEX Corporation is the world leader in fluid-handling technologies for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment for color formulation, and other highly engineered products including fire suppression equipment, rescue tools and engineered band clamping systems. IDEX products are sold to a wide range of customers for use in diverse applications throughout the world.

IDEX companies include Upchurch, Rheodyne, Ismatec and Sapphire Engineering

Please view the complete 2014 IDEX Health & Science Catalogue
(Fittings, Connectors, Tubing, Laboratory Pumps and Accessories, Valves, Check Valves & Pressure Regulators,
Filters & Column Accessories, Debubblers & Degassers)


HPLC Lamps & Instrument Spares

Kinesis manufactures and distributes chromatography instrument spares and lamps under stringent ISO quality procedures, supplying to end-users, independent instrument service companies and through a worldwide network of distributors. In recognizing the importance of maintaining the quality of the original product, Kinesis has formed partnerships with manufactures used by the majority of the leading instrument companies, supplying only the direct equivalent spares wherever possible.

As a company, Kinesis has developed strong relationships with many leading consumable and instrument manufacturers and this approach has led to primary or exclusive agreements with many of the leading brands including Upchurch Scientific and Rheodyne (now part of IDEX Health & Science), Hamamatsu and Heraeus.

Autosampler Vials & Caps

Kinesis appreciates the demands of today’s HPLC, LC/MS and GC analysis for quality, reliability and cleanliness. Our vials and closures are designed to ensure contamination-free sample handling and trouble-free autosampler operation.

Our vials are made from 1st hydrolytic class 51 expansion glass which unlike inferior alternatives, allows the manufacturing of clean, precision-fit vials. Our comprehensive range of vials includes micro and fused inserts, standard 2ml autosampler and larger sample storage, headspace and EPA vials.

Sample Prep & SPE  

TELOS® is Kinesis own brand of sample preparation products.
Developed and manufactured to ISO9001 accreditation, TELOS Sample Preparation Products include solid phase extraction (columns and 96-well plates), supported liquid extraction, protein precipitation and filtration products. TELOS SPE sorbents include silica and polymer-based options that support pharmaceutical, environmental, agrochemical, food and clinical.

TELOS Microplate
The Versatile 96-well Plate for Small Volume Biological Fluid Samples

  • Optimized well geometry for 5 and 10mg sorbent mass
  • 50μl elution volume for minimal sample dilution and reduced evaporation time
  • Populated plates and loose wells
  • Compatible with vacuum and positive pressure
  • Automation compatible

Developments in LC-MS/MS detection levels have seen biological fluid sample volumes reduced to an extent that conventional SPE formats are not always suitable, or provide considerable analyte dilution and extended evaporation times. When extracting from sample volumes of less than 100μl, it is important the elution volumes and the sample preparation format are fully compatible with the original sample volumes being processed.

TELOS neo™ Polymeric SPE Columns and 96-well Plates is a range of sample preparation products for the extraction of compounds from aqueous sample matrices. TELOS neo sorbents support the five common retention mechanisms used in today’s analytical laboratory:

• Non-polar (TELOS neo PRP (Polar-modified Reversed Phase))
• Mixed-mode Cation Exchange (TELOS neo PCX)
• Mixed-mode Weak Cation Exchange (TELOS neo WCX)
• Mixed-mode Anion Exchange (TELOS neo PAX)
• Mixed-mode Weak Anion Exchange (TELOS neo WAX)

TELOS neo SPE Products provide all the advantages of polymeric sorbents, including simplified method development, wide applicability and are not affected by drying out. The combination of the water-wettable optimized surface chemistry, high surface area and pH stability ensures high reproducible recoveries for a wide range of analytes.

TELOS® H-CX Solid Phase Extraction Columns
For Basic Drug Extraction from Biological Fluids

  • Mixed-mode silica-based chemistry provides cleaner extracts
  • Single particle chemistry ensures robust extraction procedures
  • Selectively extracts a wide range of basic drugs from biological fluids, hair and other matrices
  • Can be used for screening basic, acidic and neutral drugs
  • Suitable for a range of applications in forensic/toxicology and clinical analysis

TELOS® H-CX SPE Columns from Kinesis are mixed-mode columns for the extraction of basic drugs from biological fluids. The hydrophobic and strong cation exchange functional groups are optimised to ensure TELOS H-CX SPE Columns provide a robust and reliable sample preparation approach for the extraction of a wide range of basic drugs from sample matrices including urine, blood and hair.

TELOS® ENV Solid Phase Extraction Columns
Polymeric Sorbent for Polar, Water Soluble Analytes

  • Styrene Divinylbenzene Copolymer
  • Optimized particle size distribution for reproducible flow and fines-free extracts
  • High surface area provides reproducible retention of polar analytes
  • Column formats for small and large volume samples

TELOS® ENV SPE Columns from Kinesis provide an ideal solution for the extraction of water soluble organic compounds from aqueous matrices. A combination of optimised chemistry and excellent flow characteristics means TELOS ENV SPE Columns provide reliable extraction of a wide range of analytes from a variety of aqueous samples.

TELOS® PPT Protein Precipitation Columns and Plates

  • Protein precipitation by filtration
  • Efficient precipitation using solvent first method
  • In situ protein precipitation – no vortex mixing required
  • No offline liquid handling steps
  • Precipitate free filtrates
  • 1ml columns and 96-well plates

TELOS® PPT Protein Precipitation Plates and Columns are designed for the clean-up of biological fluid samples, particularly plasma. Available in both 1ml columns and 96-well plates, the product is ideally suited to both high through sample preparation and variable and small sample numbers.


Syringe Filters

Kinesis KX Syringe Filters - a comprehensive range of non-sterile disposable syringe filters for reliable sample preparation. Reproducible membrane quality and automated manufacturing processes ensure particulates are removed from each and every sample, extending analytical column lifetime and minimizing injection port or valve damage.

  • Comprehensive range of membranes
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Solvent resistant housing with minimal extractables
  • Leak-free Luer-lok and Luer connections
  • User-friendly storage options
  • Available with integral pre-filter
  • Bulk pack options available


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