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MAC-MOD Analytical specializes in providing HPLC and UHPLC columns to scientists who use this technology for applications as diverse as drug discovery, biotechnology and monitoring environmental contaminants. We choose to provide only the best quality products from the most innovative and respected manufacturers in the business and are committed to providing competent, responsive support to the scientists who use our products.

The people at MAC-MOD Analytical are specialists in HPLC and UHPLC columns.


Since 1986, they have been providing separation scientists with reliable, high-performance chromatography columns and competent, responsive technical support. MAC-MOD represents some of the most innovative and respected column manufacturers in the business, including Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACE columns), Advanced Materials Technology (HALO columns) and Bischoff Chromatography (ProntoSIL columns). In addition, they supply high performance accessories to use with these columns such as ColumnSaver and UltraShield pre-column filters and Sure-Fit finger-tight connectors.


ACE UHPLC Columns & HPLC Columns


ACE Excel columns are designed to take full advantage of low dispersion, ultra-high pressure UPLC and UHPLC instruments.  The introduction of ACE Excel UHPLC columns gives chromatographers more choices to achieve better results with their UPLC and UHPLC instruments.


ACE HPLC Columns offer unparalleled performance, excellent peak shape and guaranteed reproducibility, making ACE the finest columns available in today’s market. ACE columns are available in eight bonded phases each offering a unique, and in some cases, dramatically different selectivity.
ACE Ultracore

ACE® UltraCore™ solid-core columns combine all of the proven advantages of ACE columns and superficially porous particles with extended pH stability. 

Ultra-Inert Solid-Core Particles

  • 2.5 µm and 5 µm ultra pure solid-core (superficially porous) particles

  • Monodisperse particle distribution combines high efficiency with low pressure

  • Achieve UHPLC efficiency and performance on HPLC instrumentation

NEW! ACE 1.7µm

ACE Advanced Selectivity Phases offer chromatographers an extremely powerful tool for UHPLC method development and are now available with an ultra-inert, high efficiency 1.7µm porous particle size.
These phases incorporate the latest developments in LC stationary phase design providing chromatographers with more choices for alternative selectivity, without compromising stability or robustness.
Available 1.7µm phases include ACE SuperC18, ACE C18-AR, ACE C18-PFP, ACE C18-Amide, ACE CN-ES and ACE C18.
All ACE 1.7µm porous particle phases are fully scalable with existing ACE 2, 3, 5 and 10µm porous particle phases. Convenient and extremely cost effective ACE 1.7mm.

  • New ultra high efficiency 1.7μm particles
  • Unique phases to optimize selectivity
  • Method Development kits available
  • Compatible with all manufacturers’ UHPLC systems
  • Ultra robust up to 1,000 bar (15,000psi)

HALO UHPLC Columns & HPLC Columns

Discover the Advantages of HALO and HALO BioClass Fused-Core® Columns

Fused-Core particle technology was developed by Dr. Jack Kirkland to produce UHPLC columns that provide ultrahigh resolution and ultrafast separations without sacrificing column ruggedness and reliability.

HALO columns generate significantly less back pressure compared to other UHPLC columns, putting less stress on the system and facilitating rugged reliable performance. It is this moderate back pressure of HALO columns that also permits them to be used with most conventional HPLC equipment for UHPLC performance.

The combination of much lower backpressure and excellent efficiency at higher linear velocities permits the easy transfer of methods from UHPLC to HPLC, and vice versa.


HALO Fused-Core Columns
have revolutionized HPLC, and now UHPLC,
with HALO-2 Fused-Core Columns!
  • High speed and efficiency with 20, 30 and 50 mm columns
  • High resolution and peak capacity with 75, 100 and 150 mm columns
  • Improved productivity with faster analyses
  • Less solvent usage from shorter analysis times
  • Sharper, taller peaks = better sensitivity and lower LOD and LOQ
  • ~20% lower back pressure than most commercially available non-core sub-2-μm columns
  • Less subject to plugging because of 1 µm inlet frits
  • 300,000 plates per meter efficiency

New 5-micron HALO-5 columns based on Fused-Core particle technology boosts the performance of HPLC. Compared to other HPLC columns, HALO-5 columns have:

  • the highest plate number versus any other 5- micron column you can buy (> 150,000 plates per meter)
  • the equivalent or higher number of plates as most 3-micron columns with one-half the pressure
  • improved productivity resulting from having the same thin porous layer as 2.7-micron HALO columns allowing high efficiencies at faster flow rates
  • low back pressure well suited to legacy HPLC instruments
  • scalability from UHPLC separations developed on 2.7-micron HALO columns
HALO BioClass

HALO Protein and Peptide UHPLC columns are specifically designed for fast, high-resolution separation of proteins and peptides. These columns minimize the compromises that must be made between efficiency, speed of separation and column back pressure.

The particles packed in these columns are engineered to have pore sizes, particle sizes and diffusion path lengths that are optimum for the separation of proteins up to 500 kDa (HALO Protein columns) and peptides in the range of 3 to 20 kDa (HALO Peptide columns).

  Other HPLC and UHPLC column brands available!
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