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Protein BioSolutions provides viable solutions for scientists involved in DNA sequencing and in protein production, purification, characterization and crystallography.


Protein Maker

Accelerate your research on protein function with parallel purification.

The Protein Maker workstation makes high throughput protein purification chromatography simple by allowing you to run 24 columns (1-5 ml) in parallel, and process 96 samples unattended. Protein Maker’s flexible design allows you to customize sample and column types to achieve a variety of tasks:

  • Evaluate gene expression levels
  • Analyze functions of different isotypes or clones
  • Determine the best protein or enzyme purification method for scaling up
  • Screen constructs for protein structure studies

Protein Biosolution's new ProteinMaker 2.0 Software has a simulation mode that lets researchers invent, test, edit and archive new protein purification methods. In addition, the software upgrade includes Emerald Bio's innovative methods library. Besides enabling full control over the instrument's syringe pumps, valves and robotic XYZ gantry, the new software upgrade gives scientists the ability to pause any process whenever they want. The instrument easily adapts to a user's unique needs.

View Peer-reviewed Paper on Lysis Scouting in Acta Crys.

Plug Maker -
obtain crystals from just nanoliters of protein

The Plug Maker (Microcapillary Protein Crystallization System™ or  MPCS™) is a next generation protein crystallization workstation for the desktop.

The semi-automated Plug Maker enables you to obtain crystals from just nanoliters of protein. The instrument performs high-throughput, batch-style crystallization in 'plugs' inside portable CrystalCards™. Up to 800 experiments can be set up with only 4 µL protein, greatly increasing your chances of obtaining a crystal. Use the Plug Maker to screen, optimize, and produce diffraction-quality crystals right on your lab bench, with volumes previously thought to be untenable. The Plug Maker™ is the winner of the 2010 Association for Lab Automation New Product Award.

Video -
MPCS Plug Maker

Video -
Plug formation and crystal growth using the Plug Maker from Protein BioSolutons

OptiMatrix Maker

Protein BioSolutions' OptiMatrix Maker (OMM) is a fast, simple instrument for dispensing chemicals.

  • Works with EZ-Screen Composer software
  • Uses almost any stock solutions.
  • Creates matrices with up to 96 well screens.
  • Priced to be affordable for any lab.
  • Not just for crystallographers: Ideal for any scientist who needs to combine up to 10 chemicals plus water in specific formulations
  • Versatile solution formulation
  • Use your own solutions, including organic, viscous, and varied pH
  • Dispense into SBS blocks and well plates
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive, touch screen controls
  • Desktop convenience
  • Accurate formulation for comprehensive screening

Watch a video demo of the
Opti Matrix Maker in action


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