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Sepragen Corporation, based in Hayward, California, provides break-through products and processes to the biotechnology and nutraceutical industries for their process development and manufacturing needs.

Sepragen products enable their customers several fold higher productivity in a smaller footprint, ease of use and rapid, predictable scale up of processes from the laboratory to production. This results in lower capital outlay, lower cost of goods and rapid time to market. All products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and with the standards of traceability and cGMP compliance. Sepragen provides all the necessary documentation support and support services related to validation, IQ/OQ and follow on preventative maintenance.


In the biotechnology industry Sepragen products are used by industry leaders on four continents and are today used in making 24 FDA approved drugs.

Sepragen’s growing menu of products includes both downstream and upstream products. All unique and backed by 16 patents, these products include chromatography columns and accessories, column packing systems, chromatography systems, chromatography resins and bioreactors. As with its product portfolio, Sepragen’s geographical footprint has also expanded with the addition of its latest manufacturing operation in India and a growing base of distributors.

Over the course of two decades Sepragen has shown a steadfast commitment to providing innovative solutions to the biotech industry to enable their customers to develop life saving drugs rapidly, reliably and economically. With your valued patronage we will continue to build on this tradition.


Chromatography Systems

The QuantaSep® Advantage

QuantaSep®'s simple step-by-step, tabulated programming format makes it easy to replicate batch runs for laboratory process development and trouble shooting work, as well as pilot scale purifications.

Scalable: Select the QuantaSep® workstation you need, with distinct systems delivering between 1 to 10000 ml/min. When you require a higher flow rate, it is easy to scale up to the next level of QuantaSep® workstation, using the same system capabilities and software.

Automated Chromatography: All separation steps are carried out via intuitive Windows NT Control Software. Multiple studies can be run automatically.

Exceptional Consistency: even at the highest flow rates, the QuantaSep® system maintains low pressure and yields the highest standards of biological separations for a wide range of applications.




Automatically Generates GMP Reports: You can now generate FDA-compliant reports without the time-consuming process of individually documenting each step, including variances.

Space Efficient: The QuantaSep® system requires 70% less laboratory space than other models, thereby freeing valuable lab space for other applications.

Highly Reliable: Our automated chromatography systems enable you to get the highest flow rate needed for your project, using a propriety technology. In the unlikely event of error, an early warning system is available.

Increases Productivity by 70%: one operator can perform the work of two or three full time individuals by performing multiple chromatography studies.

Reduces Cost: By enabling an operator to perform other activities and by providing automatic GMP reports, overall labor costs can be reduced by 50% Payback is less than six months!

Outstanding Technical Support: Sepragen is highly regarded for providing person-to-person interfaces to insure effective customer support.


Chromatography Columns

Proven, Superflo RFC Columns enable:

  • Shorter cycle times for Protein A, IEX,
    Affinity and HIC steps
  • Small Footprint
  • 3–10 X higher flow rates per sq m.
  • Low operating pressures.
  • Easy, Rapid, Consistent slurry packing and unpacking.
  • Superior HETP, better recovery and lower pool volume
  • Rapid linear scale-up
  • Reduce purification costs

Today, over 24 FDA approved drugs on 4 continents use this break-through and cost effective purification technology. Superflo Columns have been used in the production of dairy and nutritional ingredients like lactoferrin, and even in environmental clean-up of toxic organics and heavy metals.



Superflo Columns were invented to help overcome the problems faced by bioprocess engineers and scientists as they scale up chromatographic processes from the laboratory to production scale. Superior performance at extremely low pressures and high flow-rates in small footprint columns are the main advantages of the Sepragen’s Superflo and Wedge columns.

  • 3-10X Flow rate advantage has been experienced by the users.
  • 20-50% more concentrated product elution
  • Highest flow rate per sq m
  • Linear scalability to 600L columns in less than 1m footprint
  • Proven over the last two decades in hundreds of labs and commercial plants for manufacturing biopharmaceutical drugs like antibodies, vaccines, hormones, blood plasma products, natural product extracts, recombinant proteins and peptides as well as small synthetic molecules.
  • Used with most commercial resins ranging from ion-exchange, affinities, hydrophobic interaction, reverse phase and adsorptive resins.
  • Up to 100,000 liters per batch have been processed on these columns.


Chromatography Resins

Sepragen’s Sepraflo Resins are designed for process scale separation of biological molecules. They can be run at very high flow rates, typically up to 50% higher than commonly used resins from other suppliers. They have large nominal 300A pore size that facilitates rapid mass transfer of large macromolecules and provides for high static and dynamic binding capacity. They are cleanable with 1N sodium hydroxide.


Sepraflo resins consist of macroporous beads with nominal 50 micron size. They are rigid and can withstand pressures in excess of 500 psi. They can be supplied by Sepragen in batches of 100 liters on up. The resins are made of a hydrophilic copolymer of glycidyl methacrylate which is used predominantly in making contact lenses. The Sepraflo resins are priced at a fraction of the price of competitive resins.

The resins are available in both a strong cation exchange or sulpho propyl chemistry and a strong anion exchange quaternary amino ethyl chemistry.


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