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Thomson Filter Vials (patented) are designed to speed up sample prep and analysis. The plunger filter with different membranes nestles into the vial while simultaneously filtering and readying the sample for any Autosampler. This is a process that minimizes any loss of sample eliminating multiple transfers.

Pre-slit caps ensure a no-hassle, clean aliquot withdraw. Eliminating breakage of expensive needles, coring problems on the HPLC or Mass Spec.


Thomson Filter Vials are compatible with most standard Autosamplers; such as Agilent® and Waters® including the UHPLC™. The ease of use will make the Filter Vial indispensable in all laboratories.


  • Eliminate Syringe Filter, Syringe, HPLC Vial, HPLC Cap.
  • ECO Friendly Simple to Use
  • Easy to Press Down
  • Prevents Costly Repairs & Service Issues
  • Don't Risk Your UPLC, HPLC, GC, LCMS, or GCMS Systems
  • Minimum Volume 10μL
  • Eliminates High Recovery Vials & Caps, Inserts, Syringe Filters & Syringe
  • Eliminates Centrifugation & Spin Filters Simple to Use for Fast Filtration
  • Easy to Press Down
  • Saves Costly Repairs & Service Issues
  • Don't Risk Your UPLC, HPLC, GC, LCMS, or GCMS Systems

The Thomson eXtreme|FV® (patented) is designed to speed up the sample prep and analysis on particulate laden samples. Save on costly repairs and service issues while eliminating multiple syringes filters, syringes, HPLC vials and HPLC caps. The Thomson eXtreme|FV® is easy to press down with hands or toggle press. The Thomson eXtractor3D|FV® (patented) offers filtration with increased volume enabling multiple extraction techniques with different resins/sorbents or solids/large particulates (greater than 35%) to autosampler ready vials.

eXtractor3D|FV® is a product uniquely designed for the addition of resins/sorbents, QuEChERS dispersive salts, pills, or special resins in the standard autosampler ready vial. The filter vial consists of two parts: a filter vial shell and a plunger which includes a multi-layer filter on one end and a screw cap on the other end.

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